Download Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

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Download Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

Post by evergreen on Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:02 pm

Download Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 v1.1-FLTDOX
Rapidshare or Megaupload

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 v1.1-FLTDOX

FairLight DOX Division released 1.1
update for new Star Wars saga: The Force Unleashed 2. Changelog is
available in iNFO file posted below.

Publisher: Activision
Developper: LucasArts
Genre: Action

Release Name: Star_Wars_The_Force_Unleashed_2_v1.1-FLTDOX
Size: 27MB

Changes coming with this patch:
- Fix memory leak
- Pre-rendered cut-scenes and game "attract" mode stop
functioning after about 50 minutes of game play.
- Some textures & characters appear dark and without texture
after about 50 minutes of game play with some ATI Radeon
video card configurations.
- Reflections may not work properly with
nVidia GeForce 9800 series cards.
- Some Stormtroopers and other enemies can become stuck in the air
"Force Push" causing a progression when hit with stop to the
level/area until all enemies were found and destroyed.
- During level "Salvation - Battle for the Salvation" a power core
may not be able to be retrieved if the apprentice is defeated
while in the same room as the power core or if the game is
exited and re-loaded while in the power core room.

- Install the update
- Copy the crack to the installed dir, overwrite when prompted


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